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Whats up y’all

By delanorock

Hey errybody, hope all is well. Just thought I would drop a line a give an update. Our last party was a lot of fun, and we did more Tattoos than ever! It looks like 400 tattoos were done that day! A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! It was a really fun way to send off the summer.

Im sure if you have been to the shop recently you know Logan is back from his hike of the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail! He did it in just over four months! if you haven’t already watched the video Kamio made about it, check it out here its pretty sweet!
Logan’s video on our YouTube Channel

while youre on YouTube you can check out a bunch of the other really cool videos that Kamio Media has made for the shop.

This coming Saturday October 5th we will be chilling at the New Mexico Brewfest at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. I believe we’ve been to all of them this is the 4th annual, they are a lot of fun, lotsa great beers! If you’re looking for something to do in the Abq this Saturday, thats a good bet. We will have some clothing, posters/prints, and a lot of good vibes!

There is a lot of new artwork being produced by everyone at the shop. A new run of prints (giclee and screen prints), new shirt designs, and some other new goodies will be available at the shop in the coming weeks, we will be adding things to our webstore as well for our friends that live out of town. Check out our webstore, its full of cool stuff made right here at the shop!

An update to the tattoo portfolios is coming as well, until then you can see a lot more current works from everyone on Instagram.
Heres our Usernames:
Randy- randyblaze
Torrie- torrietilla
Delano- delanorock
Logan- Im too cool to have an instagram account. so i dont have a user name. :)
you can even see what Philly has been up to- _sleepwalkers_

We have a new contributer to our website, Kyle from Kamio Media will be blogging a lot more than any of us at the shop can get around to doing, He’s going to give more updates, and whatnots. I look forward to seeing what he puts up.

oh yea one last thing- you guys see the Breaking Bad finale? Im biased because its in ABQ, but I thought they pulled it off well!

See you Soon!!!

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