Hey guys sorry for the delay, it’s been mentioned we need to update this more so I’m tryin to get on it!

Summer is going quite well here at All is One. Logan will be returning back to New Mexico in 3 weeks or so, expect an update when he gets back! We’re super stoked to have him back and I’m sure he’s stoked to get back to tattooing :)

This weekend we had a booth at the 3rd annual !Duke City Tattoo Fiesta! and it was a blast. Tons of great tattooers, great art, awesome customers. Friends of the shop Matt Hodel and Matt Cee came and chilled with us and rocked a few tattoos here. Here’s a few snippets of the weekend….(note the 1st place large color award woo!!!)


We also have new stickers, super awesome ones, so keep an eye out for those or swing by the shop for your very own! New Tshirt designs also printed come check them out!


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