What’s up everyone, been a bit since we last updated.

We have a few updates to share with ya, first off we have a guest artist working with us a for a couple weeks, Val Sloan from Tinta Cantina! Super talented and awesome chick, here’s a couple examples of her work:



Also we have our dude Logan currently still hiking the trail, we recently talked to him and he’s doing great and loving it. Hopefully we will have a few pics to share with ya next post. He should be back around August or September so hold tight loyal customers ! :)And speaking of travel, boss man Delano has been tattooing his way through  Chicago,Jamaica, and Chile, thus far .

Aaaaand one more thing, we are currently working on a book filled with our own flash, tattoo ideas and designs, it’s looking pretty awesome i have to say, so once that thing is published be sure to pick up a copy or at least come by the shop!

Until next time peeps

And as always we accept walk-ins and appointments so feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call if you have any questions.

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