hey hey we are one week away from our Friday the 13th party as many of you know. despite the cold weather we will still be goin strong with 13 confirmed tattooers! a lot of you know how this works already but in case this is your first time here is the low down…

doors open at NOON
first come, first served
design must have the 13 in it, yep.
colors optional
no designs allowed other than the ones we provide (we have hundreds, don’t worry you’ll find at least one you love)
20 dollars even, (13 for the tattoo, remainder for tax and tip)
**new line cutting technology system!! will post soon with details before the party.
multiples allowed, in fact, encouraged

alsooooo just in time for the holidays we will have a ton of cool stuff with great deals!

and as you know, it’s freakin cold outside. so please dress warm! we will have a couple heat lamps but still, you know.

stay tuned! we will have more details and more flash on the site



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