So things are getting back to normal here at the shop after our epic 13 party. And when i say epic, it’s definitely not an overstatement. Delano counted the books and it’s lookin like the count is around 360 tattoos! Pretty dang awesome. Graffiti wall was a success, the live DJs kicked major ass; and ya’ll helped out local business if you got some grub at the food truck or purchased some top of the line Made From Culture clothing…..All in all, it was a great time! And of course once the sun went down, that’s when things got even more exciting(that’s how us desert folks roll )

So, if you missed out on the last 13 party of the year, don’t worry. It’s a bit of a wait till the next one but once September 2013 rolls around, get ready for another massively awesome event.

Other than that, things at the shop are good. Busy artists, happy clients.

Right now 3 of our artists(Delano Garcia, Logan Demas, and Randy Sanchez) are showing some pieces at the Boro Gallery downtown. (Boro Gallery, 317 Gold SW, right on the corner of gold and 4th) It’s a tattoo themed show so definitely go check it out if you can!

That about sums it up for now, and thank you again for everyone who participated on the 13th.

D and his handy work


top right: limited edition 13 print

graffiti wall action

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