Sup everyone!

Friday the 13th is next week and we are so pumped!

So that’s right folks, this year we are featuring our new no-line technology which will make your 13 experience wayyyy more enjoyable. no more toasting in the sun, no more issues with  getting cut in line. we will have food vendors, music, drinks, and other things to do for ya while you wait for your tattoo.  we will have a couple different stations set up: one where you pick your number, one where we will have our flash books to flip through, and one where you will pay and receive your stencil. We also may be raffling off prizes and All is One swag




Here’s a lil FAQ guide, if your question isn’t answered feel free to shoot an email to or give us a call 505-255-4461


-DOORS OPEN AT NOON ( you can still come early but we won’t be starting till 12 regardless)
-MORE THAN ONE TATTOO IS COOL! (in fact, encouraged)
-YOUR TOTAL COST WILL BE $20 (13 for tattoo, 7 for tax and tip)
-DESIGNS ARE “AS IS” AND MUST HAVE THE 13 IN IT. (colors are your choice but besides that no alterations possible)


So we’re gonna swamp you guys with 13 updates until the day, keep your eyes pealed for our next post that’ll include some BRAND SPANKIN NEW flash sheets! and a LIST OF OUR ARTISTS that will be participating.

See you in a bit!

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