Hope you guys are ready for a killer 13 party! Since it is the ONE and ONLY 13 party happening this year we are making sure it counts! We are gonna have a live DJ, food trucks, games, food specials/drink specials, palm readings, craft fair, live graffiti demo by CAPS,  and oh so much more. More details to come soon, and as always:

-starting at NOON! show up the earlier the better
-we have new no line technology! this means you can pre fill out paperwork on our website home page (tab at the bottom that says “sign our waiver”) before you get here or while you wait. we also have a numbering system. as soon as you get here, find our number dispenser and grab a number. this also means you cannnooottttttt take more than one number for a friend who hasnt shown up yet. groups of numbers will be called up to get your payment and stencil. from there you are free to roam around the area and do whatevs until your number group is called again for tattoo line up!

-Its $20 total, (13+tip/tax) CASH ONLY***(Keep your receipt, your artist will ask for it when you sit down, this is how we keep track of how many we do)
-No Minors allowed to be tattooed even with parental consent
-You can purchase multiple tattoos for sure! the more the better
-no changes allowed in size or content( 13 must stay in the tattoo) you can pick your colors though!
-only designs in our books are available (over 500 to choose from, new sheets released the day of )
-expect a little wait time, but at least you dont have to wait in an actual line

-when you get your stencil try your darndest not to smudge it! it’s a win win for everyone involved 😉

Thats about it for now, we will have more updates within the next couple days! Any questions just swing by or give us a call 255 4461 and come check out our book of designs!

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