Hey all,

The poor All is One blog has been neglected for a bit so it’s time to update! Hope everyone had a great holiday/new year. We’ve been keeping busy here at the shop despite the cold weather. We are at the tail end of our T shirt promotion, where were giving away a free custom designed t shirt with the purchase of any tattoo. We still have a couple left of this round, here’s a peak:
….but like I said we only have a few of each left so come get some work done while they  last! Also, we may do another round of these so if you can’t quite make it in on time, not to worry. There may be more 😉

We’ve also got more prints available as well as awesome new shirt/hoodie designs out on display right now.  Definitely come take a look at all our new swag.If you can’t make it in, or happen to be out of state, we are always updating our online store as well. And as usual, Gift Certificates are always ready and available for purchase!

2013 is shaping up to be a great one so far, and I’m confident the good times will continue well into the year. And it’s never too early to start making your Friday the 13th plans! Still far into the future but it’s something you definitely don’t wanna miss .

So that’s about it for now, until next time!


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