Yes its getting closer to that time once again, and we are getting ready for the biggest one yet! This year we have more artists involved as well as some of our neighbors getting involved, the Bricklight Underground is going to be popping off on Friday MAY 13th for our 13 dollar tattoo,s as well as other goodies and specials that revolve around the lucky number 13. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Im talking about, every Friday the 13th ALL is ONE throws a party and does 13 dollar tattoos, we have a long list of talented guest artists from Albuquerque’s finest tattoo shops. Every artist contributes a sheet of 13 themed designs that adds to the pool of designs to choose from, we currently have over 300 designs to choose from and its growing! If you have missed it before, this is your chance! There’s only one Friday the 13th this year, and  we are going to have a BLAST!!! stay tuned for some of the designs as we are going to be posting them, you can also check the old blog entries to see photos from past 13 parties.

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