We’ve been super busy here getting ready for the party, so here’s the latest on what’s up:

Okay… we have 19-20 Tattooers scheduled to work and they are coming in from all over Albuquerque and beyond.

Here’s the short list of shops/tattooers participating:

Tim McCarthy  – Tsunami Tattoo

Jason Willis/Val Sloane –  Tinta Cantina

Ray Marquez/Crek – Black Rose

Porky – OG Duke City Ink

Mike Nor

Bedo and Patrick – Gallo Negro

Lucky / Pat  – Duke City Ink

Greg King and the crew from King’s Kreation

We will have a few more artists to list as the day gets closer… The cool thing is that this is the most tattooers we have ever had! We are shooting for 13 tattoo stations, all in the hope of fighting the wait time for a tattoo that day.  Also, it’s sure to create a fun and festive atmosphere with all these talented artists working together.

Another thing that might not be clear to everyone, is that now that we have our neighbors involved and you are going to be able to wait at different places enjoying live music, art show(s), and specials on food and drink, and not have to worry about missing your turn.   They will be announcing the numbers as they come up all day at participating locations(as seen on the ad)!   If you have a smart phone you can check our blog/facebook for your number as well.


Now on to the fun stuff!  Here’s a sneak peak at some of the designs that will be available and there will be several more that we don’t have yet, so we’re just as excited as you to see ’em!  Sorry if some of the pics are low quality.

More to come!






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