Hey everybody, I hope your Thanksgiving was all you wanted it to be. I know everybody over here has plenty to be thankful for.
So about 5-6 years ago I made a poster around this time of year as an art print/gift for friends and family. My wife Atalie helped out with the art direction of it, I printed a super tiny run of 30 of them, and we gave them out etc.. I had a few left over and was contacted about submitting “peace” themed posters for this travelling art show called “Yo what Happened to Peace?” (this is probably old news to anyone who cares). This show went all over the world, and ultimately turned into a book with the same title. Anyhow, this poster has always been one of the more requested designs that we just didn’t have any of…Sooooo finally a few years later, I got around to printing a new color scheme and our friends Kyle and Amie were there to document and made another cool video about it!!

check it out:

Here’s a couple of flicks Kyle took as well:

We have these prints available at the shop now, or if you’re not in town email us.


We’re still working on getting our store up.

Kyle and Amie are ALREADY working on another video, I can’t wait to see it!

Oh yea, I’m getting some new tattoo flicks together from all of us here, so we should have some new ones up soon.

The finished prints ended up being 18X24 signed and numbered edition of 99
3 colors: Blue with a blend, Metallic Gold, and Black on Royal Fiber natural paper.
Thanks for looking!

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