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Catching up

By delanorock

Hey All,
We have been SUPER busy here at the shop the last couple of weeks, a lot of really cool stuff in the works. First off we have a new person here, Randy Sanchez is now tattooing here, he does some nice work, and is a great addition to the team…Swing by and check out more of his work, say Hello, etc… I’m looking forward to seeing what he puts out while he is here….

Kyle and Amie made another video, it is really cool, and it’s a little longer than the others. It kind of has a little story type vibe to it. Here’s what inspired it:

The summer before last my wife and I took my daughters on a road trip, we covered 5000 miles in two weeks!! It was a lot of driving, but I loved every minute of that trip. Along the way, I was lucky enough to be able to throw in a couple of work related stops. One was the Tattoo Archive in NC, and others were the grave sites of Cap Coleman, and Paul Rogers. To some this may sound somewhat morbid, but being that I wasn’t born till the mid 70’s I never had a chance to spend any time with these guys while they were alive, no chance with Cap, and while Paul was alive untill the 90’s, I was not educated/experienced/old enough to realize the respect I would one day have for what he has done for the world of tattooing. So for me, this was a way I could pay respect to these guys.
Anyhow, long story short, I made a couple of grave rubbings with the intention of displaying them proudly in the shop one day, and for some reason it took me a year and half to actually get to framing them etc…When I finally did Kyle and Amie where there and this is the video they made:

Here are some pics from that trip:

You can read more about these Forefathers of American Tattooing Here

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