Join us to celebrate 10 years of ALL is ONE! We’ll be having our celebration extranaganza starting at 4pm until super late. We’ll have free drinks, free food, limited edition posters by Mike Giant himself, music, and more ! You don’t wanna miss this one


We’ve been busy upgrading the new shop so much lately, seems the website got a little cold. So we’ve recently added Instagram feeds of all the artists at the shop to kind of freshen things up a bit. We also added a page for Mark Bueno Gallegos as he has joined the tattoo team- Dudes working hard!

Our Online store has a lot of our prints on sale just in time for Xmas, or whatever you celebrate, Check it out!

Lots of new things happeing, and more news to come.



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Hey everyone! Sorry for the super late post. It’s the last one of the year and we wanna make it count! Come help us settle into our newww digs! So here is the low down, gonna try and answer as many questions as possible: still have a question? give us a call 255-4461

NEW LOCATION; 3225 CENTRAL AVE NE SUITE G1 (north wellesley entrance right behind matanza) free parking! just gotta grab a spot!


-first come first served. walk ins only .

-we will be handing out numbers starting at 11am, as soon as you get here grab a number. further instructions at the pay booth. follow us on Facebook to see when your number group is called. WE WILL STOP TAKING NAMES AT 7PM, but will continue to tattoo till everyone has been called

-all designs are “as is”. no change in size, no additions or subtractions. but colors ARE your choice :)

-no outside designs, we provide over a 1000 to choose from

-must be 18 with an ID. sorry no minors for this event even if you have parental consent.

-cash only. (20 dollars even)

-multiples are welcomed

-no face tattoos for this event


DJ Dave12 will be providing some live jams along with other guests, we’re gonna have ZENDO coffee, SISTER BAR tacos/munchies, and the BOESE BROTHERS will be providing a keg for you peeps over 21 (lets keep it chill )

gonna be 15 tattooers here , all the usual suspects. we have a solid crew as usual for this event so don’t miss out!! new flash sheets will be in the books for tomorrow. see you guys soon


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Happy 2014!

By delanorock

Hope errybody had a happy and safe New Year’s celebration. We have a lot of stuff coming up this year that we are excited to share. First thing on the roster is the. If you’re in the area this is a good tattoo show with a lot of talented artists from around the globe. You can also contact us at the shop if you’re interested in setting up an appointment with one of us for this show.
We are making a lot of new stuff for this as well.
Hope to see you there!!

Stay tuned for some updates to the website coming soon!

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Whats up y’all

By delanorock

Hey errybody, hope all is well. Just thought I would drop a line a give an update. Our last party was a lot of fun, and we did more Tattoos than ever! It looks like 400 tattoos were done that day! A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! It was a really fun way to send off the summer.

Im sure if you have been to the shop recently you know Logan is back from his hike of the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail! He did it in just over four months! if you haven’t already watched the video Kamio made about it, check it out here its pretty sweet!
Logan’s video on our YouTube Channel

while youre on YouTube you can check out a bunch of the other really cool videos that Kamio Media has made for the shop.

This coming Saturday October 5th we will be chilling at the New Mexico Brewfest at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. I believe we’ve been to all of them this is the 4th annual, they are a lot of fun, lotsa great beers! If you’re looking for something to do in the Abq this Saturday, thats a good bet. We will have some clothing, posters/prints, and a lot of good vibes!

There is a lot of new artwork being produced by everyone at the shop. A new run of prints (giclee and screen prints), new shirt designs, and some other new goodies will be available at the shop in the coming weeks, we will be adding things to our webstore as well for our friends that live out of town. Check out our webstore, its full of cool stuff made right here at the shop!

An update to the tattoo portfolios is coming as well, until then you can see a lot more current works from everyone on Instagram.
Heres our Usernames:
Randy- randyblaze
Torrie- torrietilla
Delano- delanorock
Logan- Im too cool to have an instagram account. so i dont have a user name. :)
you can even see what Philly has been up to- _sleepwalkers_

We have a new contributer to our website, Kyle from Kamio Media will be blogging a lot more than any of us at the shop can get around to doing, He’s going to give more updates, and whatnots. I look forward to seeing what he puts up.

oh yea one last thing- you guys see the Breaking Bad finale? Im biased because its in ABQ, but I thought they pulled it off well!

See you Soon!!!

Hey Everybody- Hope all is well, here’s a little update to what we’ve been doing over here other than Tattooing daily.

We wrapped up on the 3rd Fri 13th party of 2012, next ones sept 2013 so we get a nice break. Check out the vid Kyle made of it here!
Another job well done!

After that I had to hit the bricks running to get ready for a showing of art at a local eatery Farina. It’s really the first time I’ve made things specifically to show at a place, instead of just showing what was already produced. It was a low stress deal since there was no show, or reception, just trying to push to the next level. Anyhow the art will be hanging through the month of August, if you like really good pizza etc swing by and check it out.

Here’s some pics of it if you can’t make it, I’ll post better pics of the artwork after the show.





Big thanks to Logan for helping me build the frames to the big paintings, and my buddy Lee did the laser engraving on the wood pieces.

The Duke City Tattoo Fiesta was another great success, Randy was there all weekend doing it right!
Can’t wait until next year.

Our friend Matt Hodel was in town for it and we were able to do a screen print of one of his sheets of flash, it came out sweet! I’m sure he might have some left hit him up!

Here’s a flick of his sheet


We’ve been on a good roll with printing/design stuff as well, here’s some flicks of some of the recent prints handmade at the shop





We’re going to be updating the portfolios of everyone in the shop soon, so there will be a good amount of new tattoo pics.

Soooo that’s what’s up over here lately
Hope every one is well!


Well it’s that time again! This is the first of three Friday the 13ths this year, and of course we are doing it again! You know the deal! Its first come first served. We have a great group of tattooers showing up to have a good time including:

Ray Kane Marquez
Lucky Tattooer
Justin Pino
Mike Nor
Kenny Argaez
Alex Pinto
Aldo Gallegos
Sol Good
Angelia Santistevan
Delano Garcia
Logan Demas
Randy Sanchez
Torrie Bustamante

We have a full crew of 12 tattooers and we advertised a lot less, so wait times shouldn’t be crazy. Come by and get a tattoo! This is your chance to take part, It’s going to be FUUUUUNNN!!!

We have literally HUNDREDS of designs to choose from! Here’s some pics of some of the designs we’re going to have:







You can see some more of the designs if you click here

See you there!
We’re going to have some food and drink as well…soooo…

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Catching up

By delanorock

Hey All,
We have been SUPER busy here at the shop the last couple of weeks, a lot of really cool stuff in the works. First off we have a new person here, Randy Sanchez is now tattooing here, he does some nice work, and is a great addition to the team…Swing by and check out more of his work, say Hello, etc… I’m looking forward to seeing what he puts out while he is here….

Kyle and Amie made another video, it is really cool, and it’s a little longer than the others. It kind of has a little story type vibe to it. Here’s what inspired it:

The summer before last my wife and I took my daughters on a road trip, we covered 5000 miles in two weeks!! It was a lot of driving, but I loved every minute of that trip. Along the way, I was lucky enough to be able to throw in a couple of work related stops. One was the Tattoo Archive in NC, and others were the grave sites of Cap Coleman, and Paul Rogers. To some this may sound somewhat morbid, but being that I wasn’t born till the mid 70’s I never had a chance to spend any time with these guys while they were alive, no chance with Cap, and while Paul was alive untill the 90’s, I was not educated/experienced/old enough to realize the respect I would one day have for what he has done for the world of tattooing. So for me, this was a way I could pay respect to these guys.
Anyhow, long story short, I made a couple of grave rubbings with the intention of displaying them proudly in the shop one day, and for some reason it took me a year and half to actually get to framing them etc…When I finally did Kyle and Amie where there and this is the video they made:

Here are some pics from that trip:

You can read more about these Forefathers of American Tattooing Here

Hello there!

Well December is ALREADY here, man this year has just flown on by…

So a few days ago I was tattooing a buddy of mine named Tom, and while I worked on Tom’s tattoo, Kyle and Amie hung out and ended up making another video out of the whole thing. Its a different pace from the earlier ones, kind of just another day at the shop, but just as fun to watch…I must admit I was a bit more nervous about this one because Im actually speaking in it…Anyhow it starts out with a really raw sketch of Tom’s design, which is an octopus, then cuts to the stenciled version of the design, leaving out the step’s in between, so I thought I would post some pictures of the different sketches that came out as i worked the design out. I Started in my sketchbook with a really rough sketch, took some tracing paper and refined my drawing, then reduced it down and began refining more…

It starts top left

Tom’s tattoo still isn’t finished, we need to add color and some backround to tie it in with his other tattoos. As soon as it’s done I’ll post up some flicks…

Hope you like the video!

Oh yea, we have some cool stuff at the shop including gift certificates for that special someone on your list…Come on through!

Hey everybody, I hope your Thanksgiving was all you wanted it to be. I know everybody over here has plenty to be thankful for.
So about 5-6 years ago I made a poster around this time of year as an art print/gift for friends and family. My wife Atalie helped out with the art direction of it, I printed a super tiny run of 30 of them, and we gave them out etc.. I had a few left over and was contacted about submitting “peace” themed posters for this travelling art show called “Yo what Happened to Peace?” (this is probably old news to anyone who cares). This show went all over the world, and ultimately turned into a book with the same title. Anyhow, this poster has always been one of the more requested designs that we just didn’t have any of…Sooooo finally a few years later, I got around to printing a new color scheme and our friends Kyle and Amie were there to document and made another cool video about it!!

check it out:

Here’s a couple of flicks Kyle took as well:

We have these prints available at the shop now, or if you’re not in town email us.

We’re still working on getting our store up.

Kyle and Amie are ALREADY working on another video, I can’t wait to see it!

Oh yea, I’m getting some new tattoo flicks together from all of us here, so we should have some new ones up soon.

The finished prints ended up being 18X24 signed and numbered edition of 99
3 colors: Blue with a blend, Metallic Gold, and Black on Royal Fiber natural paper.
Thanks for looking!

© 2011 All Is One Tattoo in Albuquerque, NM
by Felicia Designs