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Well December is ALREADY here, man this year has just flown on by…

So a few days ago I was tattooing a buddy of mine named Tom, and while I worked on Tom’s tattoo, Kyle and Amie hung out and ended up making another video out of the whole thing. Its a different pace from the earlier ones, kind of just another day at the shop, but just as fun to watch…I must admit I was a bit more nervous about this one because Im actually speaking in it…Anyhow it starts out with a really raw sketch of Tom’s design, which is an octopus, then cuts to the stenciled version of the design, leaving out the step’s in between, so I thought I would post some pictures of the different sketches that came out as i worked the design out. I Started in my sketchbook with a really rough sketch, took some tracing paper and refined my drawing, then reduced it down and began refining more…

It starts top left

Tom’s tattoo still isn’t finished, we need to add color and some backround to tie it in with his other tattoos. As soon as it’s done I’ll post up some flicks…

Hope you like the video!

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