Hey Everybody- Hope all is well, here’s a little update to what we’ve been doing over here other than Tattooing daily.

We wrapped up on the 3rd Fri 13th party of 2012, next ones sept 2013 so we get a nice break. Check out the vid Kyle made of it here!
Another job well done!

After that I had to hit the bricks running to get ready for a showing of art at a local eatery Farina. It’s really the first time I’ve made things specifically to show at a place, instead of just showing what was already produced. It was a low stress deal since there was no show, or reception, just trying to push to the next level. Anyhow the art will be hanging through the month of August, if you like really good pizza etc swing by and check it out.

Here’s some pics of it if you can’t make it, I’ll post better pics of the artwork after the show.





Big thanks to Logan for helping me build the frames to the big paintings, and my buddy Lee did the laser engraving on the wood pieces.

The Duke City Tattoo Fiesta was another great success, Randy was there all weekend doing it right!
Can’t wait until next year.

Our friend Matt Hodel was in town for it and we were able to do a screen print of one of his sheets of flash, it came out sweet! I’m sure he might have some left hit him up!

Here’s a flick of his sheet


We’ve been on a good roll with printing/design stuff as well, here’s some flicks of some of the recent prints handmade at the shop





We’re going to be updating the portfolios of everyone in the shop soon, so there will be a good amount of new tattoo pics.

Soooo that’s what’s up over here lately
Hope every one is well!


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